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June 2020

Fort Myers School Of Music Logo

Is proud to announce

the birth of our sister school.

Opening June 15th

Registration now open!

Cape Coral School of Music

4414 Del Prado Blvd #6

Cape Coral, Fl 33904

(239) 215-4464

Residents of Cape Coral can now enjoy all the great programs and benefits offered by Fort Myers School of Music without having to cross the bridge!

Private lessons for:






In person one-on-one lessons


Online ZOOM lessons

Students love the Musical Ladder

Every three months beginning students can earn great rewards for their progress.
Certificate suitable for framingCool wrist bandsTrophiesPhoto on Facebook (with parents permission)

Students love to show off their accomplishments to their family and friends!

Parents love the Unlimited Makeup Lessons

Unlike other schools, you do not need to call 24 hours in advance, and we do not limit the number of makeup lessons you have coming.
You can even use your makeup class to try out a different instrument.
Best of all makeups never expire. You can save them for a less hectic time of the year, or for extra lessons before a recital.

Twice a year Recitals

Recitals are an important part of music lessons.
Not only do they encourage perfecting a piece of music, the study and presentation skills learned while preparing for a recital are invaluable in the higher school grades as well as in adult work-life.

Child Safe & Family Friendly

We take your child's safety seriously. All teachers are vetted with:

• Local, State and National Background checks
• Drug and sexual offender background checks
• Video cameras in studios
• Front desk staff present for all lessons

Great Faculty

Our instructors are college educated performing musicians with years of experience teaching.

We teach real music - not short cuts or systems that require relearning down the road.

Most importantly our instructors are chosen for their dynamic personalities and their love of teaching children.

The Front Desk is here to help with:

• Registration for lessons
• Schedule Make Up lessons
• Permanent change of day or time
• Add a new instrument
• Asking a question of the teacher

Ready to start?

It's easy!


(239) 215-4464

or email

Face Book


Congratulations to all the students who worked hard and advanced a step on the ladder this month! You can view all of the smiling faces on our Facebook page Click here..

Elisa L.

Look at that smile, teeth and all! Congrats on your second step on the Musical Ladder. Thank you for all your hard work !!!

Lulu K.

Good Job, Keep it up:)))
Online lessons did not stop Musical Ladder. Lulu was very excited to get her certificate in the mail!

A hearty welcome goes out to all the new students who joined our school this month!

Dean A

Allie L

Kristen O

Christopher P

Kaylee H

Olivia M

Gwen P

Helen W

Want twice a week lessonsor step up to a longer lesson time?
Need to change your lesson day or time?

Call the front desk at 239-215-4464